The Smart Mining Company – Connecting the world of blockchain with environmentally friendly mining in unused buildings in the Swiss alps.

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy strives to enable environmentally friendly mining of crypto currencies in the Swiss alps. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy’s operating business. SAE is a Swiss startup company in the area of crypto mining and energy, located in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug.

Executive Team

Gian-Carlo Collenberg

Founder and CEO

Gian-Carlo Collenberg, Founder and CEO
Gian-Carlo is a blockchain enthusiast and constantly strives for new applications and business models. He is the heart of the project, and his experience in turning ideas into practical applications of the blockchain technology combined with his profound knowledge of the energy markets make him the undisputed driving force of SAE. Gian-Carlo is a member of the commission of public buildings and facilities of the municipality of Hofstetten-Flueh, Switzerland. His goal is to promote blockchain technology and its uses to a wide public.

Ramon Simon

Founder and CFO

Ramon Simon, Founder and CFO
Ramon, engineer and manager, keeps track of all project-related activities and manages the resources. With his technical and engineering skills, he also monitors the evaluation and acquisition of the hydropower plants. His interest in the blockchain technology grounds in his desire to develop faster, more transparent and safer payment systems. This quickly led him to broader blockchain applications, while never leaving the solid framework of managing a project’s finances according to highest corporate governance standards.

Christian Giger

Head of construction mining cubes

Christian Giger, Head of construction mining cubes
Christian is indispensable when it comes to working on the cubes, installing components and solving all sorts of problems. He is always on site, and his manual skills are outstanding.

Zekeriya Ak

Head of electronics

Zekeriya Ak, Head of electronics
Zekeriya is a certified electrician and SAE’s security advisor. As head of electronics he wires the cubes and will be responsible for the development of the internal power grid, the electricity stemming from the hydropower plants. He has broad experience in both electronics and power grids.

Andreas Willhelm

Construction draftsman

Andreas Willhelm, Construction draftsman
Andreas with his extensive experience as a draftsman specialized in building construction and architectural design, Andreas is responsible for the conversion of vacant barns into SAM Cubes. He knows how to handle all issues regarding construction administration and modifications.

Pascale Uccella

Head of human resources

Pascale Uccella, Head of human resources
Pascale with her broad experience as manager of human resources in public institutions and private enterprises, Pascale skillfully accomplishes the at times challenging task of handling the needs and requirements of the vivid and creative SAE blockchain community.

Advisory Board

Dr. Daniel Rytz

Dr. Daniel Rytz studied Process Engineering at ETH Zurich and earned a doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering. He looks back on an international career as a process and marketing manager that has included senior positions at Sulzer Chemtech and Krebs Swiss AG in addition to having been CEO of process technology specialists Polymetrix. He brings great technical expertise and a vast understanding of processes, process optimisation and organisational procedures to SAM’s Advisory Board, coupled with many years of experience setting up, expanding and managing SMEs.

Alex Freedland

Alex Freedland is Mirantis’ co-founder and CEO. With more than 20 years of executive management and leadership experience, Alex brings a unique combination of business acumen and intimate understanding of the OpenStack community and technology. Alex serves on the Board of the OpenStack Foundation and was recently recognized by Business Insider as one of the “Most Important People in Cloud Computing”.
A serial Entrepreneur, Alex co-founded RSI Group, Inc., one of the world’s principal providers of Receivables Management Software, which sold to London Bridge Software PLC (now part of Fair Isaac Corporation–NYSE: FICO) at 800% return to the investors. Alex’s previous experience includes a wide range of technical and management positions with Tektronix, IBM, ADP, Netscape, and KLA-Tencor.
He holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from Santa Clara University in California.

Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe, Blockchain and Crypto Advisor, Ian is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.

Carlo Buonapane

Carlo Buonapane has gained various experiences in different digital startups which concerned real estate investments and personal and financial growth. Since he met the blockchain he has been thunderstruck by his potential. Participates as an investor in about 10 blockchain projects each year. Is an ADVISOR expert in fundraising con 3+ years experience, successfully follows over 20 projects based on blockchain technology.

Development Team

Navjeet a graduate from the prestigious Cochin University of Science and Technology, Navjeet has in the past been associated with the big wigs of the software sector in India—Wipro and Infosys. When not glued to his system putting together another meticulously devised code, he travels around the length and breadth of the country, exploring new destinations. His love for cricket is matched only by his passion for understanding the complexities of Blockchain.

Ankur mr. dependable is your go to man in case of any issues ranging from complex coding to fixing the computer. His exceptional skills at coding have been instrumental in making him a key member of his team at his previous places of work like Ericsson and IBM. A talented artist, he uses his paint brush with just as much ease as he handles the mouse.

Crissi might be shy around people, but give her a cup of her favorite ginger tea and quiet corner in the office and she’ll work away from dawn to dusk, making short work of even the most complex of tasks. Her skills in Blockchain have seen her be an integral part of various projects related to the technology. On her days off work, she refines her culinary skills, putting together some lip smacking dishes.

Gouthamrealized during his internship program with Ernst & Young that his true calling is for weaving magic using Hyperledger Fabric. The life of any group, his endearing smile and calm attitude has a soothing effect on the rest of the team. He enjoys his time away from work immersed in his books with a cup of coffee by his side.

Ajay a serious technology enthusiast, he absolutely loves his gadgets. He describes himself as a learner for life and is intrigued by the infinitesimal possibilities of introducing Blockchain across various domains. A PHP programmer, he has a keen interest in learning new technologies, especially decoding the intricacies of Blockchain.

Divy apart from being a proficient team lead, he is also a prolific football fan. His association with IBM is what laid the foundation of his career. He is an exceptionally good Photoshop artist and still finds time to brandish his skills. His unwavering dedication and impeccable work ethics makes him a very likeable personality for his team and clients just the same.

Hinal give her a laptop and an internet connection and you’d see Hinal weave her magic, as she puts together seemingly random strings of data to build some breathtaking webpages. She is quite the artist too and can mesmerize with beautiful murals and canvas paintings. Her expertise in UI development make her a core member of the web development team.

Sonal the undisputed Illustrator queen, she loves to work her magic with digital paint and brush. She has the uncanny ability to create rich and detailed work from just a couple of lines about it. Quite the movie buff, she makes it a point to watch every single Shahrukh Khan movie, on the very first day of its release.

Himanshu a self-proclaimed gadgetophile, he has rich experience in Android app development and backend development. His real skill though is in harnessing the power of Blockchain, developing applications of every kind. The formative years of his career had a profound impact on him, with Infosys figuring right on top the mix.