SAM Cubes

The flexible and modular mining cubes provide cutting-edge automation and require little maintenance. In addition to highly efficient ventilation units, an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system is in the project phase. ORC systems use the waste heat of industrial processes (through a downstream steam power process) to generate electricity and thus use the waste heat generated by the mining process to recover energy. SAM Cubes are located at a high altitude and a therefore lowered boiling point of water, which facilitates this process.

The cubes are self-contained and operate autonomously. For extensive maintenance and monitoring, each cube communicates with the central management platform that monitors the cubes and assigns to each cube the optimal parameter to maximize mining for maximum profit.

SAM Power Plants

By means of direct participation in or the purchase of green power plants such as hydropower plants, photovoltaic systems and wind power plants, SAE does not buy but produce the sustainable and cost-efficient power to operate the SAM Cubes. These power-generating units are the so-called SAM Power Plants. The energy produced is delivered to SAE’s own cubes or halls, which end users/miners can also equip with their own miners. Due to problematic cooling and noise emissions of mining facilities, the demand for suitable premises and electricity is high. SAM can lease both premises and electricity to competitors.

SAM Centers

In each alpine area where Swiss Alps Energy AG is going to be operating cubes, a branch office will be installed; the so-called SAM Centers. This ensures that in addition to the benefits from the protection of cultural assets, the local municipalities may profit from tax revenues.

What is more, for on-site services such as on-call duty and security, local talents will be recruited and trained for deployment. The SAM Centers promote the economic viability of the respective community and may have a lasting positive impact on other sectors.

SAM Blockchain

Technical chapter4.5 SAM Blockchain

SAM - Energy

SAM Power Plant

With the SAM power plant, SAE connects two current technological worlds in order to offer a simple and smart solution to sell electricity to the industry.

Electricity is a commodity and is being sold according to standardized criteria. Quality and quantity are the most important parameters. The sale of a commodity is tied to distributors, and the corresponding administrative effort to generate contracts between sellers and consumers is considerable.

The blockchain technology together with the IoT can help to solve these challenges. Costs can be lowered substantially by depositing, executing and administering contracts with consumers as smart contracts on a permissioned blockchain.

Intelligent meters are linked to the blockchain infrastructure with IoT devices. At the cutoff date, the meter reading is sent to the respective smart contract, which calculates the usage and establishes the amount due – SAM tokens in the case of SAE. Once the consumer has paid the amount due using our back-end, delivery of the service will continue. This happens automati - cally based on the communication between the intelligent meter and the blockchain.

Smart contracts are set up individually and can depict any contractual arrangement of the real world.

SAE uses Hyperledger Burrow for this solution, in combination with an IoT device that has been developed especially for this purpose.


SAM ORC energy recovery

Swiss Alps Energy AG is the first company in the world to save up to 50% of its electricity costs by using mining cubes powered exclusively by renewable energy and ORC recovery of waste heat from the mining equipment. This represents a solution for a global problem facing the industry. The much lower boiling point of water at high altitudes where the cubes are positioned makes energy recovery considerably more efficient. This makes mining significantly more profitable, protects Swiss cultural heritage, and saves energy.


The blockchain era began with the paper entitled «Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Sys - tem», published by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. One aspect that is interesting to note is that the paper did not specifically mention the word blockchain. The concept of a blockchain is a peer- to-peer network. It assigns date stamps to data sets in an ongoing chain of hash-based blocks via the hashing procedure following proof of work. The result is a data set that cannot be altered without going through the proof of work procedure again.

Having originally started with the proof of work concept, there are other consensus and on - chain-algorithms now that are commonly referred to as distributed ledger technologies (DLT). During programming, there typically is one optimal coding language to solve the respective problems. Different approaches to the DLT exist to satisfy different demands. Today, programmers have many different distributed ledger frameworks at their disposal, each intended to solve a particular challenge.

Before using a specific DLT, a user has to evaluate whether the targeted solution is to develop a private, a public or a hybrid blockchain, and whether a mix of different frameworks should be applied. SAE is aware of today’s market needs and offers a platform as a service (PaaS) that offers the corresponding freedoms to the customers. Users can assemble the desired technology stack according to their needs.

At first, 5 to 10 selected blockchain frameworks will be available on the SAM PaaS. Among them are frameworks that SAE has established for the KYC-AML (know your customer – anti-money laundering) solution and electricity distribution on the basis of the blockchain technology. On the PaaS platform, users can establish their own DLT network for production or development within minutes.

SAM Smart Mining


SAE customers have the option to join SAM Smart Mining, also referred to as SamaiX©. SamaiX©, SAE’s proprietary artificial intelligence, continuously calculates the coins are most profitable to mine, and then makes suggestions for miners so that they can adjust their mining accordingly. If a user joins SAM Smart Mining, their profile is powered by SamaiX©, which tracks and learns their claims in order for SamaiX© to be able to make appropriate optimization proposals. If a user confirms the suggestion, SamaiX© will adjust their mining operations to the respective coins.

SamaiX© does not act autonomously; it is a Decision Support Systems that support users’ decisions based on their activity profiles. Several factors are therefore important, e.g. historical data or target values that SamaiX© aims to achieve. SamaiX© evaluates variations in prices and market volume to forecast supply and demand and to provide users with the best possible options. News about single coins are yet to be included in the forecasting process.

To continuously improve SamaiX©, experts from big data and data mining will support the SAE team in developing new mathematical models.


Participate in The Smart Mining Company
Swiss Alps Energy AG will hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in May 2018. The funds raised in the ICO will be used to finance the development and expansion of the mining facilities and to acquire holdings in hydropower plants.

The SAM token (Sam) is an ERC20 token. It can be used as a means of payment within the SAE mining and service universe and will be tradable outside the SAM platform on all relevant exchanges.

Token sales
SAE will fund the further development of its business operations and the marketing activities to promote the platform by holding a crowd sale of Sam tokens.

Sam will be sold for bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and fiat currencies during the private sale.

A total of 311'011'901 Sam tokens (100%) will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain using a smart contract. Sam will comply with the ERC20 standard and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform. These tokens will be the only Sam ever issued.

Token specifications
Sam tokens are minted via a token sale smart contract and can be held in any Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet. They will be tradable outside the SAM platform, as they are ERC20 tokens with inherent value in the exchanges. The technical solution of the SAM platform consists of two main elements:

  • The user facing dashboard and wallet
  • The smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain system

All services provided by SAE as well as the purchase of power and cubes can be paid in SAM tokens.

SAM Platform
The SAM Platform will provide a Sam wallet that is fully compatible with existing token exchanges and that allows for easy withdrawal and purchase of tokens. Holders of Sam tokens can also use any wallet that supports Ethereum ERC20 contracts. The wallet also offers the purchase of Sam coins with crypto currencies such as BTC and ETH. Users can interact with the platform via web, desktop and mobile devices. They can invest their Sam coins on the SAE platform to rent mining power and mine crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, DASH, etc.

The platform also provides detailed analytics of their investments and rewards. These analytics allow the user to monitor how their money is being utilized.